We at Hacienda Cleaners want to ensure that you are able to maximize the time you have to spend on things that matter.

 We are happy to share that we have expanded and improved our services in the past year and our prices have remained competitive. For your convenience, we now have 3 satellite stores in Pleasanton, Ruby Hill, and Waterford. We have also upgraded our dry-cleaning machines to the latest technology, utilizing wet cleaning, a system which uses ONLY water-based and alternative equipment and cleaning solutions to get your clothes clean! The results are fresher, longer-lasting, odor-free garments.

If you would like more information about our new services or have any concerns, we would be happy to discuss that with you. We thank you for considering us and hope you are just as excited as we are !


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values and leveraging the highest quality ingredients to maximize your trust and satisfaction.

If you did not like the odor, or saw a difference in your clothing due to the harsh chemicals that 90% of dry cleaners still use today, that will never happen again with us. We recently have switched from hydrocarbon and petrochemicals and replaced them with GreenEarth. The GreenEarth process cleans with pure liquid silicone – in essence, liquefied sand, and is:

  • Remarkably effective and gentle

  • 100% odor free

  • Non-allergenic and non-irritating

  • It’s unique silicone-based dry cleaning technology is safe for our water, soil, and air

  • Your clothes will look newer longer with GreenEarth — Colors stay vibrant and fabrics will feel soft

Advanced Tracking Technology

We leverage up to date technology to ensure that your dry-cleaning experience is convenient, but also intelligent.

We have a new barcode system and an automated conveyor. Each of your garments is detailed with a barcode and entered into our database. Our new system then allows us to closely follow each garment throughout its cleaning process and electronically assembles your orders, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Service

  • Lost items and misassembled orders will be a thing of the past

  • Fast return on your orders

  • Improved quality of service